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About Us

Hello fellow chilli lovers!

One man’s flirtation with chillies has become an obsession. Whatever is out there, he wants. We have since found that we are not alone, and decided to become a one-stop shop for chilli heads. The variety of products we offer has increased significantly, and we are always on the lookout for new things. Our range has been influenced by customer requests alongside a handful of local chefs and enthusiastic home cooks who asked us to sell their products.

Our business  has been running for a few years now, and many customers have asked for us to sell online to cater for those times they can't visit us. Our range may be considered the “tip of the chilli iceberg”, and our aim is to expose more of that iceberg to you, our customer!

If there is a brand out there that you would like us to stock, let us know!

Chilli Obsession also caters for the lover of chilli chocolate, chilli chips and jerky.

We proudly stock Blairs Death Sauce, Melbourne Hot Sauce, The Chilli Factory, Culley’s as well as many other brands.

You can contact us directly on 0447 016674.